Day 35 Novi Sad


Day 35 Sat May 7th Novi Sad, Serbia.  Wow, what a breath of fresh air this city is. I was expecting the worse after the overnight train trip, the grubbiness of Belgrade and the association of Serbia with war&conflict. But within minutes, this city has won me over. Despite many run down buildings (above) the main city square & surrounding streets are a delight with an ‘open plan cafe’ feel. Also, people seem to be genuinely in a better mood and smile a lot more than in other cities (like Budapest), or other places where communism/socialism has left a legacy of sternness and grumpiness. So, I spend the day walking & taking pics, which is my pleasant addiction. In the evening I share an intimate concert with a dozen or so, including a couple of ex-hippies (like me) who seem open towards everything I have to say about this oxymoronic life.

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