Day 36 Subotica


Day 36 Sun May 8th, Novi Sad & Subotica, Serbia.  Day 31 was probably the most challenging day on tour, today is a candidate for one of the best. It starts with an early morning walk around the central city streets of Nov Sad (novi-sard). The street cleaners have done their job well and there is a crispness in the air denied those who sleep in. Pack my gear, check out and walk the 15mins to church where my car is parked. The morning service goes well with an excellent worship leader who sets an expectant atmosphere. As soon as I walk up front there is an electric anointing, so my spirit rises. I have everyone’s rapt attention and its like I can read who the Holy Spirit is speaking to. A few start to cry. All the while one dear old saint (who looked about 100) just stood there with her hands raised in worship for the whole service! Everyone shakes my hand or hugs me afterwards, many testimonies of God speaking. In the afternoon I drive to Subotica (soo-bo-teetza) for the evening service. Oh my. The concert is plagued with technical hitches, always a challenge for me, so have to go into ‘auto mode’ to get through. Minimal feedback afterwards. But right at the end a woman approaches me. She has tears in her eyes. She tells me she has been suicidal and that the concert has saved her life. I hug her, cry with her, and arrange to see her the next day to encourage her in her journey. It has taken a year to set this tour up, but today I see the hand of the Lord to intercept people’s lives with living hope at the Cross.

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