Day 108-111 Zittau, Germany

I am standing in the middle of a small city (pop 25k), in Eastern Germany. The sky is  overcast, a grey monument to the grey days of Communism. But flowers bloom, even out of dirt. The flowers can see, feel the goodness in the dirt, they suck it out by a process called osmosis, and the dark grey brown dirt is transformed into something beautiful. The scars of Communism are not that hidden on the faces of those I meet on streets and  in shops, hotels and stores in the Czech Republic, in Eastern Germany, and on the 2016 tour in Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia and other countries I visit with a curious compulsion.

I am standing in the middle of this small city early on a Sunday morning. A light overnight rain has left a silver sheen on the cobbled streets. Photos are difficult in the low light so I compose poetry instead, but those words find no voice. Who reads poetry? Who wants to read poetry? Who is educated to read poetry? My words die. Maybe a song at some later stage. People will listen to a song won’t they? Though on the streets of Prague last week very few would stop and listen to an average kiwi singer on an average day in the bustling tourist city.

I share in the Sunday morning service, as I have so many times before. Cross culturally can be a challenge but the effect of my songs is actually visible on the faces I sing to. This was the strategy given to me 2yrs ago, to sing under the anointing of the Holy Spirit to melt the hearts of communist and religious stone. Later I receive feedback from a saint:  We were talking about the Sunday service in house group today and people really took out a lot of what you said and shared – also your encouragement to open the mouth and sing out loud, your being so calm and much more. You really affected people in a positive way and people also stated they liked how what you shared was so authentic and believable (for example that is was not only a 3 week process of the depression lifting and that was it, but that is was an ongoing 4,5 years process) – you were authentic for people.. I would say it already had good effects! Just as a feedback 🙂    He has brought us this far by His grace.



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