Day 112-114 Life on the Road #2

IMG_7301A solitary man   People feel sorry for me on the road. You must get tired they say. Yes, it’s true I do, but God created sleep to cope with this very situation. And following a calling, playing & singing to the best of your ability, sharing your faith regularly with others and seeing many touched by the Holy Spirit is not as tiring as slogging your guts out in a job you hate for 40 hours a week, year after year. No amount of tv watching will numb the fact God created you for greater things. But hey, I’m just stirring.. lol..

3000 Guitars   I heard that Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones owns over 3000 guitars. He employs a fulltime curator to look after them. I have one guitar, an Ovation, and I look after my own guitar. I bought it Aug 1978 for a TV appearance on the talent show of the day: Opportunity Knocks. Opportunity did not knock, but I still have the guitar and it has traveled the world with me. It will be 40yrs-old this August. However, the wooden soundboard has developed a split, so it will need some TLC on my return to NZ.

Tattoos   Wherever I travel I see hordes who now display tatts on their body. It has become a huge fashion trenda personal statement of the ‘me’ generation, but I am in two minds about it. The bible seems to suggest the inner life is more important than the outward appearance. I have no desire to mutilate my body in this way (in the past we considered this the domain of bikies, rebels & delinquents) but I must be careful not to judge my fellow humanoids. God loves us all, tatts or no tatts.

Life without the media   I used to enjoy intelligent unbiased journalism in the media (eg. tv Mark Sainsbury) and the NZ Herald. Now unbiased journalism is a joke. The media has become the political stronghold/mouthpieve of the Liberal Left. Since I’ve been away, I have not watched tv once, and reduced my news gathering to 2mins of headlines (to avoid missing the onset of nuclear war..) I am the better for it.

Scam   As a wake-up call I got scammed in Dublin. Booked accomm with Airbnb for 3 nights, but they took the money and ran. Fortuitously (the Lord’s provision), there was a cheap hotel nearby which took me in, and Airbnb refunded the money in full.

Revival in Europe   On facebook I have posted an article on the current revival in Europe, and Eastern Europe in particular (years of oppression has created a spiritual vacuum which is now being filled). It has been ‘liked’ by 4 people. It seems the West has no interest in what’s happening in the East. The truth is the church in the West is in decline, doesn’t know what to do about it, and shows indifference to how God is moving in other parts of the world. I have felt drawn to Europe over recent years, and not really known why. Coincidentally, I had my DNA tested out of curiosity and find that my dominant genes are not English as I thought, but European. Deep calls to deep.

One thought on “Day 112-114 Life on the Road #2”

  1. Again very well written. Thought-provoking. I am one of those people that works in a job that I dislike. Praying for the rest of your tour. God bless you.


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