Day 34 Novi Sad


Day 34 Fri May 6th Novi Sad, Serbia.  I have this love/hate relationship with my gps. She took me today via various places, all with the same address in this large city. Very frustrating, but that’s the downside of technology. Finally found an address that had a tiny sign outside, which from previous experience indicates the possibility of a church. Not too many stereotypical church buildings here in Eastern Europe, outside of orthodox/catholic. Had a worship seminar with a small but appreciative group, then the pastor took me to my apartment overlooking the City Square (above). Went for a late walk around the city on a warmish evening. Loved the ambience with buskers and beautiful girls with long straight hair (the fashion it seems). More cafes/bars per square metre than any other city I’ve seen (not that you’d get a cafe in a square metre, but you catch my drift..)

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