Day 56-59 Isle of Wight II

I find myself yet again, on the Isle of Wight. The people are warm and friendly, there is a slower pace of life here and on a good day, the photographic opps are stunning. I share at a home group meeting with 17 in attendance. As I sing the new song Take It To The Cross I sense a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit, and I see people visibly moved.

Later in the week I share my new collection of songs from the ‘Rivers’ project with a group of singers and musicians. They play and sing along and again, I am greatly encouraged how the new songs are gelling. I sense the recording of these babies is approaching soon, Lord willing in Dublin at the end of the tour. I will check out recording studios in Dublin later this month, but ever daunted at the fund raising mountain to climb, and the challenge to sell CDs in a digital download world.

I receive another invitation to sing on the IoW in July, so may be back a third time to these lovely shores. The weather is improving, the sun is shining, temperatures are in double digits at last, the sky is blue and the clouds are fluffy white. There is spring in the air and a spring in my step.

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