Day 53-55 Southampton, England

It has been a long cold dreary winter (so the local shopkeeper tells me) and I believe her. The overcast skies seem to linger over me and affect my mood.. it’s called being ‘under the weather’. I miss the long hot days of home. Summer is NZ seems to have gained an endless series of extensions whereby double digits still exist day and night. But here the temperatures enjoy remaining locked in proud single digits, day and night. Until suddenly, unexpectedly the sun breaks through on my day off, and Daisy Dip (a local park, a godsend, a sanctuary) is bathed/clothed in light. Hope restored.

Here in Hampton of the South, I perform a Saturday night concert, share in a Sunday service and a Sunday evening house concert. All a little on the quiet side, with minimal feedback. But I do know that God does his work even when I feel my delivery has been somewhat lacking in spark or focus. I’m reminded that in itinerant ministry I don’t always see the fruit of my labour.  Sometimes it is merely sowing seeds, and the harvest or the fruit can be much later.

On the Tuesday I take the ferry one more time for yet another invitation to the Isle of Wight. I seem to be gravitating to this wonderful island again and again, with the possibility now of a third invitation in July. As always, the Lord closes some doors and opens others..  I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. Revelation 3.8

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