Day 86-89 Herrnhut


Day 86-89 Herrnhut Germany.  On Monday found myself in Haapsalu in the northwest corner of Estonia. So, I pointed the car downhill and began the long 4 day trek back to Germany, and the village of Herrnhut (hern-hoot) for starters. Stayed in a wonderful Christian community housed in an old hospital building. I had a sense the walls were soaked with prayer, and sure enough the community runs a House of Prayer. You can visit for a closer look. Shared in song with the community in the evening and the feedback afterwards was encouraging.

3 thoughts on “Day 86-89 Herrnhut”

  1. Glad that there was the anointing of the Holy Spirit in Herrnhut, and that you enjoyed your stay in the old hospital. Its even more of a blessing when the walls are soaked in prayers because usually in my experience hospitals have that eery silence to it…. Hope the tour went well for you, and that overall you feel it was a good tour! God Bless. Hannah

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      1. Well that is amazing really. The Lord’s hand was clearly on you as you gave your testimony of restoration. The Lord will bless you mightily… This i am sure off. For every good work is rewarded.


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