Day 81-85 Valga


Day 81-85, June 22nd-26th Estonia.  Oh my, what a full-on week of events, organised by a friend Kristel Altosaar. Tues was the prison visit then birthday house concert. Weds was the Valga Pentecostal Church. Thurs Village of Hope Rehab Centre in Laitse. Fri Rakvere Karmel Church. Sat Kunda Karmel Church. Sun morn St Marys Lutheran Church Otepää. Sun nite St Johns Lutheran Church Haapsalu.  Highlights: There was a strong anointing for the prison visit so I know lives were impacted. The birthday house concert was a wonderful warm fuzzy nite. The Rehab Centre was a total joy (wonderful ministry set in a forest, many lives transformed from life on the street, see feedback on Facebook). And Sunday morn at the Lutheran in Otepää went surprisingly well, set in a large historic wooden building with wonderful acoustics. On the way back home from one of these concerts I noticed the lone sentinel windvane in the evening light (above). I stopped and took the pic, its vanes were motionless. Made me think it’s the wind of the Holy Spirit that empowers us.. And as the tour comes to a close I think I’ve been like a lone sentinel  traveling around, empowered by the Holy Spirit.. which gives me the words to say, the boldness to stand up in front of often granite-faced Eastern Europeans, the refreshment to keep going when tired (Isaiah 40.31), protection on the road, and His leading in many different situations.  I’m just so thankful He’s brought us this far by His grace.

3 thoughts on “Day 81-85 Valga”

  1. Wow what an amazing time you’ve had & oh how the Lord has been with you in so many ways sustaining you. He goes before you & is your rear guard always, as you look to Him 😊
    The Lord does an amazing work much of which you will never see, but He gives you glimpses to spur you on & encourage in your walk.😊
    Keep looking up He is your strength & portion forever more. Blessings 😊😊😊


  2. Wonderful write up. Very well written. I am glad you enjoyed Estonia and that there was some anointing. I pray that the last of your tour will go really well. God Bless you.


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