Day 78 Ogre


Day 78 Sun June 19th, Ogre Latvia.  Yes, there really is a place called Ogre (o-arg-ra) in Latvia, near Riga. Shared at the Baptist Church there before heading for Cesis (tsay-se) for an evening concert. This event was one of the more warm friendly responsive groups on tour. And such encouraging feedback afterwards, people genuinely moved, touched & blessed by the Holy Spirit.  There seems to be a stronger anointing at this stage of the tour, maybe as I become more in tune with what I see the Holy Spirit doing in many lives. It is certainly is a privilege to be on the road like this, to stay in so many wonderful places, and meet such lovely people (a great shame I haven’t photographed more of them..)

2 thoughts on “Day 78 Ogre”

  1. Hi Jules,
    I am glad you feel like the Holy Spirit is blessing you and anointing you so powerfully at the concerts especially as the tour progresses.. I did imagine that it would get more powerful towards the end – it usually does, because you align yourself with the Holy Spirit. You are indeed impacting people’s lives through your testimony of restoration, and it brings hope to a broken world, broken people, people who have been hurt, people of all walks in life.. So I would just like to thank you for your music. Music to which i listen to every day and it calms the storm in my raging heart. There is hope for people who are broken, who feel like outsiders. So thank you for your encouraging message of restoration. Thank you to Cesis church for putting up the video clip of the service – which after listening to it again, has once more encouraged me to focus not so much on myself but on God, and to sit at the foot of the cross, and to simply enjoy being in the presence of the Lord. I pray that you will be blessed more and more as you proceed towards your final concert, and that God has his hand upon you, and that you may feel peace envelope you, and that the feedback of others will encourage you to keep serving our loving God. Thank you so much.


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