Day 80 Tartu


Day 80 Tues June 21st Tartu Estonia.  This was one of the better days on tour. Sang at Tartu Prison in the afternoon (about 30 guys plus two Chaplains) and as always in prison it’s bit of a challenge to know what to say, and how to approach it, as very few are Christians. But as the guys filed in I did not feel intimidated and in fact had a quiet confidence. When I opened my mouth the Lord gave me boldness. Over the hour I shared 6 songs plus my testimony relating to life’s struggles. I had their riveted attention for the most part. At the end many of the guys shook my hand vigorously. I knew that I had impacted many.  In the evening I shared at an outdoor birthday party (see FB clip), which moved indoors when it rained. This too was a very warm group, they sang really well and gave such encouraging feedback afterwards. I stayed on in this lovely house (home of Ailar and Hele) and slept like a lamb.

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