Day 33 Bar/Belgrade


Day 33 Thurs May 5th Bar to Belgrade. Spent a relaxed day in Bar. My host Pastor Volker Sachse (German missionary/church planter) took me around the Old Walled City of Bar, which included a visit to the Selime Mosque and Cultural Centre, an architecturally stunning building. Then an early dinner of grilled salmon (we suffer these hardships on the mission field) before boarding the overnight train to Bar. I had been warned to lower my expectations of the word ‘train’ and expected the worse. However, the sleeping bunk was quite comfortable, and with earplugs and facemask survived the night quite well, apart from being woken at the Serbian border by the usual gun-toting gestapo. Belgrade Station was grubby, and I could see the locals checking me out as I drove the car off the train with some caution. Tried to find parking in Belgrade for a looksee, but failed in this universally frustrating endeavour, so told the gps to take me to Novi Sad.

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