Day 76-85 Dublin, Ireland

Many years ago I visited Dublin with its cobbled streets and its incredible range of gifted buskers. Now many of those cobbled streets are gone and there aren’t so many buskers. It has become more of a thriving thronging commercial centre and not quite the Dublin I experienced in the 90s. That being said, it is an attractive town. While I am here the sun shines, which is contrary to the public opinion suggesting the Irish norm is grey overcast.

So.. I spend my time here visiting recording studios and talking with producers. And walking. Lots of long walks. I make a list of 23 recording studios here in the city, then whittle it down to a shortlist of five. Windmill Lane selects itself, an easy head and shoulders above the rest, but more expensive than the current budget allows. The musician’s dilemma. How to make a living from music, and how to finance big recording projects when the income streams are dwindling, not increasing. There is no simple answer to this question. The new songs I have are begging to be recorded, but the practicalities overwhelm me. I am planning a retreat next week in the Czech Republic. In faith, I believe the Lord has the answer to this conundrum. In faith, I have to believe there is a way to record and release these new songs to a wider audience.

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