Day 65-66 Weston-super-Mare


One of the challenges of this tour has been getting enough bookings. I have too much time on my hands with swathes of days off and a growing restlessness. I didn’t come to the UK to have a holiday. That being said I am in a UK holiday centre: Weston-super-Mare. I haven’t googled the name but assume that Fredrick Weston who founded the city once had a great horse… well, maybe. I walk on the beach, take photos of seagulls and sandcastles, drink too much coffee and stay in a quaint b&b and watch my funds dwindle. Oh well, life on the road. Lord, I need more bookings, unless you are trying to speak to my heart about something?  More reflections on the road..

the price of water   One of the great mysteries of life.. how can water here in the UK cost 50p for one litre (NZ$1) and water in NZ costs $3 for 750ml (dearer than petrol). Are kiwis being ripped off for a basic resource that we have in abundance? Does anyone care enough to do something about this? Don’t talk to me about market forces.

the fall of western civilisation    We ignore the fact that in the history of the world great civilisations have risen, and great civilisations have fallen (eg. the great Roman Empire). What makes us think Western Civilisation is immune to decay? In fact, decay is what I see all around me, particularly moral decay. It’s a sign to me that we live in the end times:  For that day (the return of the Lord) will not come until there is a great rebellion against God (falling away, nkjv) and the man of lawlessness (the antichrist) is revealed—the one who brings destruction.  2 Thessalonians 2.3 niv

driving habits   I am continually amazed how much better UK drivers are than NZ drivers. The English are a POLITE people and this shows in the way they drive, with courtesy and consideration. They are rewarded with a lower road toll rate. Conversely, NZ drivers are rude, aggressive, impatient and with a belligerent sense of entitlement. The result? One of the highest road toll rates in the western world.  The answer? TRAIN the drivers from age 18 (with 40-100hrs of defensive driving skills, like Germany) and severe penalties (high fines, loss of licence for breaking road rules, particularly the speed limit, as they do in Australia). But I’m on my high horse again. I’ve been writing about this needless death on the road for over 20yrs, but no one listens and no politician has the backbone to do anything about it. We just accept it and do not learn from overseas.

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