Day 49-52 Bath, England


Bath   I was born in Cheltenham (some time ago) and lived in Poole and Bath before my parents emigrated to New Zealand in the early 50s. I return to Bath in the hope there is some glimmer of ‘I used to live here’ but no such glimmer exists. It is a somewhat run-down city with not a lot to commend it. But there again, the days are deeply overcast when everything can seem somewhat Eeyore gloomy. I don’t even get to see the sweeping curved terraced houses it is famous for. All I see is dirty streets, run down buildings, homeless people begging, an influx of immigrants, and.. a shop selling Bob Dylan artwork prints at £3000 a pop. Well, at least the city has some culture.

Antsy   I have no ministry bookings this week, which is a challenge for me. I like to be busy, I hate days off as I’m prone to depression, so force myself into a ‘coping strategy’ of (a) going for long walks with my camera, and (b) working on the next project, which in this case is the next album ‘Rivers’, a few years in the pipeline to date. I struggle a bit. Decide to leave Bath and head for the cheapest accomm I can find in a rural setting (Antsy), about 80mins south. It is a small farm with horses, and a small room, no windows just a skylight. I look up. Rather than be depressed, I look up. I attempt a run, but the wind is so bitingly cold (4deg) I manage about 5mins and resign. Oh well.

Life on the road   The time off gives me opportunity to think deep meaningful thoughts about this itinerant musical life that I’ve chosen. There are many pros and cons, mainly pros. But good weeks and not so good weeks. The great blessing is the lives that are impacted by the Holy Spirit via the message I deliver: restoration and healing at the foot of the Cross. The great challenge is when the response to the message is muted or indifferent, at which point I can either blame myself and go into meltdown, or (as I’ve learned to do) just accept the fact that not everyone can receive the message.

Rivers Album   I began writing these new songs soon after I made the decision NOT to retire in 2014, the result of a supernatural vision I had beginning May 4th 2014 in a concert at Palmerston North Baptist Church. During that concert the Lord took me in the Spirit and showed me a vast crowd of people who needed to hear the Gospel message I was delivering. The people were many nationalities and ages, there were a whole range of depressed, suicidal, struggling people.. those in mid-life crisis, financial crisis, or marital crisis.. people at crossroads, people in strife, people lost and people bewildered by life..  and I had a message of hope for all of them. The songs I have written since then have been ‘road tested’ at many concerts and matured to a place where I am keen to see them unleashed, and fulfill their eternal destiny in these end times that we live.

3 thoughts on “Day 49-52 Bath, England”

  1. Shame you didn’t visit your home town Cheltenham football team last Saturday.,.they lost 6-1 to Coventry, the team I support! Looking forward to Belfast.


    1. Football.. that’s the game where you chase a round leather ball around a muddy paddock and knock it between two sticks. Ah yes, I remember it well.. good kid’s game!


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