Day 46-48 Guernsey


Guernsey is a 3hr fast ferry ride from Poole. It is off-season so the tourist hordes have not yet descended. I’m grateful for small mercies. I take a taxi to the hotel and settle in. The island has a lazy feel to it and a moderate time warp from a previous time. Church on Sunday is the local ‘Baptist Tabernacle’ with a balcony and wonderful acoustics. The last time the church was full was for David Pawson, many years ago. I will have to go into the second and third worlds to see churches full to overflowing again. I can’t wait.

On Sunday morning before church I am interviewed for the local BBC radio station, but this is not face to face (like the Isle of Wight/Southampton interview) so it does not flow so well, and at the evening service/concert only a dozen or so brave the realm of the unknown beyond the comfort of their living room to come to the concert. If my name was Matt Redman maybe they would come, but the Holy Spirit does not have the same drawing power, sadly.

Photographically the island is a delight, but I am left saddened at the state of the church in the West. Not just here, but generally speaking. Our wealth (yes, we are the wealthiest Christians of all history) has led to spiritual stagnation, a grieving of the Holy Spirit, compromise, prayerlessness & powerlessness.. (I’m talking about me, not you..)

So, with declining numbers at concerts, and steadily declining CD sales in the last eighteen years I am faced with (if I am to stay in this ministry) the need to seek God for a funding strategy to release new music for new audiences in the first, second and third worlds. So my time on Guernsey has been profitable to strengthen my resolve to follow my calling (Ephesians 4.1) while the Lord continues to bless me with the love of travel, with good health and most of my marbles.

One thought on “Day 46-48 Guernsey”

  1. Praying that the Lord will fund your ministry. Your ministry changed my life two years ago, so I believe that the Lord can release the funds for you in his good time. Praying for you. Thanks for being so open and vulnerable with your testimony. It is a courageous thing to do. God bless you richly.


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