Day 39-44 Northampton, England


My time in Northampton is a bit yellow and blue. The sun shines (thankfully) and the road takes on a metallic hue to it with early rain then sun rising through fog. The church services go well, in fact the sound system is on the better side of good, so able to perform vocally with nuance and expression (often lacking on the generic average sound systems that are the norm). The Holy Spirit touches lives.. which is my constant prayer. On the Mon/Tues I stay in Flore at the Jesus People community which is in the recovery stage after its controlling founder (now passed on) was found lacking in some areas. The people seem nice enough, and I sing a new song Take It To The Cross at their Tuesday weekly meeting. A Wednesday evening house concert in the green-themed lounge at Cathy’s place back in Northampton sees a full house and lots of laughter and cake. Then onto Crewe for a Thursday drop-in concert, where again the Holy Spirit moves in such a gentle but impact-full way. Tears are part of God’s healing process for so many. It is a privilege and a great blessing to be used by the Lord in this way to touch lives & hearts.

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