Day 27-38 Isle of Wight, England


Its funny how one thing leads to another. My wonderful German contact Erika knows someone on the Isle of Wight and in less than 2 weeks, a concert is organised, promoted and looked-forward-to. Bob Dylan sang here in 1969.. why not me? So here I am, guitar and camera at the ready, but the weather does not oblige my photographic urges. Brooding overcast skies become the norm, a light rain begins to fall. I head for the cafes instead and work on another page of my memoirs: My Life As A Brain Surgeon.

The concert goes well. In fact, very well. Wendy says: ‘The most moving songs I have ever heard’.  I am moved, and thankful to the Lord (at my age) that I can still sing and have the wherewithal to do what I do. And I meet such a wide range of lovely people (like Jonathan & Natascha) on the road. Normally, in my NZ setting I am withdrawn, introverted, quite non-social, happy to hide away, reclusive.. and plan the next project or tour. On the road I become more social (of necessity) and find myself rediscovering the social side of my personality, knowing full-well the status quo will return, once the plane touches down at  Auckland Airport.

The weather gods allow me one fine day a week here. But theres only so many sights you can cram into one frantic day. After a week with hosts in Newport (the main centre) I find myself in a cheap hotel in Sandown, on the southern coast. This place has a wonderful beach and promenade but is a mildly rundown seaside town, past its best, paint flaking, shopfronts 20yrs out-of-date but still functioning. A bit like me.. but hey.. I can still jog 6km and walk all day if I have to. I feel freer and more content on the road, like no other time in my life, but in the knowledge that everything good must come to an end, except in heaven where my Lord Jesus reigns..  (Recollection album, disc two)

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