Day 16-20 Herscheid, Germany

IMG_5561In the beginning.. there was er, snow. Not deep snow but a light dusting, about a days worth, an inch thick (two centimetres to you). It cluttered up the roads, seeped into hedges, made white sculptures of the vehicles, turned green rolling hills into toboggan highways, horses into Eeyores, fluttered down got in my hair, soaked into my jacket, and then overnight disappeared. Traitor.

So now I’m left with an conspicuous absence of snow, but the penetrating cold remains with nothing to show for it. I feel short-changed and with SPF (snowy photo frustration) because I only managed a few pics on my arrival day in Herscheid. Now I have to rug up to survive the day, and dream of the 24deg back home in NZ. Well, I was the one who chose to come to Europe at the tail end of winter. Only myself to blame.

But Herscheid is kind to me. My hosts Armin & Erika (in Herscheid) and Reinhard & Karin (in Kierspe) lavish me with hospitality. I feel like a king. People feel sorry for me in itinerant ministry. Oh you must get tired of the travelling, they say. Oh it wouldn’t suit me, they say. Well I say, I enjoy what I do and have great fulfilment in sharing my faith thru music. It is a great privilege to be in people’s homes and be treated as a special guest in concerts and services. In fact, it’s a wonderful calling that God has equipped me for, over a long and varied life, beginning with the inspiration of Bob Dylan as a teen.

Thursday evening is prayer & praise in Herscheid. Friday evening a Brethren church in Altena. The church almost full but the sound system is inadequate so an evening of potential & promise is sabotaged by technical glitches & frustration. Saturday night is Attendorn, a small but warm responsive group which makes up for the previous night. Sunday morning is Wipperfürth. I am given most of the service so lead worship with my own songs, then proceed with testimony and songs from ‘Cataclysm’. There is a strong anointing of the Holy Spirit as I speak, a number of folk are visibly moved, and I receive wonderful life-changing feedback afterwards. God is good (all the time). Sunday evening a small turnout in a medium size church in Lüdenscheid. For some reason my spirit is heavy and I don’t sing well. An intercessor tells me later she too feels the heaviness. We battle not against flesh & blood but against powers & principalities.. Ephesians 6.12

In this ministry I have long since learned that God can use even difficult events, or times when I don’t sing/perform well (by my standards) for his purposes and glory. So I commit all these events into the Lord’s safe keeping and sleep like a baby.

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