Day 11-12 Brugge, Belgium

When I see this statue I am reminded of the iconic ‘Servant Song’ by Richard Gillard, one of the few Christian songs by a kiwi composer that is known globally, with millions of views on YouTube and a legacy which transcends denominations. I will weep when you are weeping is the challenging key line from this song, and an empathetic insight into how we help hurting people. This topic interests me as I speak about brokenness and emotional healing. So often the church is left without ways of helping those who are depressed, reverting to the mandatory mantra ‘Go on anti-depressants’, which is new-speak for ‘I don’t know what to do /I don’t have the time to help you’. Many of the pastors of the churches where I share tell me my message is relevant because it provides practical and biblical help for those who are struggling.

In Brugge I present a Saturday night ‘house concert’ (well attended) then share in a Sunday morning service at Grace International Church, a mix of American, European and African nationalities. Receive some wonderful feedback afterwards (all glory to God) and talk with a young man who reminds me of myself at a similar age: honest, searching, open. The courage to ask honest questions is a wonderful thing, because in time, I believe Jesus can and will show up, and answer the questions with a revelation of himself.

Sunday afternoon we look around the old city of Brugge in 2deg and a bitterly cold wind. And yes, there are paddle-boarders in the canal. In the evening I share with the worship team. I don’t know everything there is to know about praise & worship, but I have learned a multitude of lessons over many years of itinerant music ministry. And I’m still learning, this side of heaven.


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