Day 8-10 Enkhuizen, Netherlands

I am standing on the canal in Enkhuizen (enk-hoy-zen). Well, not on the canal but beside the canal. I’m not Jesus, I’m a follower of Jesus. It is freezing cold, I mean really biting cold for this kiwi. I have been watching the negative temperatures of 2wks ago, but even 2deg is a shock to the system, after coming off the end of a long warm kiwi summer of 25-29deg Celsius. We suffer these hardships on the mission field.  I am staying at a B&B in central Enkwhatever. It is within walking distance of anywhere, if you want to walk anywhere when the wind takes to your bones with an icy hacksaw. Better to stay safe n warm, consuming Dutch coffee (similar to NZ coffee in that it’s a brown liquid but with the added bonus of several coffee beans waved over the top of it before being served in a thimble….hmm…)

I have two events here. The first a house concert at the lovely house of my host Els. This is a small intimate group of mainly Dutch speakers. The song lyrics are translated into Dutch for the PowerPoint presentation many weeks before, and what I speak is translated sentence by sentence by the husband of my host. When I share in certain situations there is an ‘anointing’ of the Holy Spirit. This is difficult to explain to anyone who has never experienced this, like trying to describe the color blue to a blind man. As I speak & sing, my words gather power and I am aware that the Spirit begins to speak, to challenge the softer hearts present, to encourage and to woo. Those who are critical or hard-hearted are much harder to reach, like chiseling granite with rubber. I share the hope of emotional restoration at the foot of the Cross. Many have ears to hear, mainly those who have an awareness of their need, and are courageous or desperate enough to humble themselves.

The second event is staged in a football stadium, with approximately 30,000 people present. Well, actually there is no second event, and the football stadium is filled with fans of football who lift up their voices to their athletic heroes, not to the God of the Bible. Not people who want to hear about the path to eternal life or emotional healing. Westerner secular-humanistic culture is over that. We live in a post-modern era of arrogant self-sufficient left-wing anti-bible anti-Christian skepticism exemplified daily in the media. But Jesus teaches there is a Judgement Day  (Matthew 10.15) and on that day the most brilliant minds, the most entertaining & witty chat show hosts, the morally defunct politicians, the bullies, the lazy and the indifferent will be found wanting.

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