Day 4 Herrnhut, Germany

IMG_5052From  Herrnhut is a small town in the Upper Lusatia (Oberlausitz) region of Saxony (Sachsen), in Germany. In the 18th century, Herrnhut gave birth to the Moravian spiritual renewal and prayer/missions movement under Count Nicolaus Ludwig Von Zinzendorf (1700-1760). It remains a haven for Christian pilgrims as well as being the world headquarters of the Moravian Church (Evangelische Brüdergemeine).

There is still some snow and the air considerably colder today. This small-ish town is quiet when I arrive early afternoon. Not sure if the locals stay inside, or whether they journey to the local city malls at such a time as this, a universal phenomena. The first concert of the tour begins at 4pm (1600h), a sensible time in a severe climate. We begin with cake and coffee (also very sensible) and I attempt to prise the rust off my guitar playing at sound check time. The crowd is warm and the feedback afterwards positive. Three of us pray for a woman my age (classified information) who is deeply touched by the concert. She sheds tears of pain, but these turn eventually to joy. That’s how God does it:  You turn my mourning into joyful dancing. Psalm 30.11

The Christian Community here has a long and varied history of ministry to many from different walks of life. It is a humbling privilege to be part of such a long tradition, but all is insignificant were it not for the Cross of Jesus.

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