Day 3 Tharandt, Germany

Overcoming jetlag
  (is that one word or two) is an issue for international flying. Here are my Handy Hints, for what they are worth:
1. Set your watch to the time zone you are flying to as soon as you board the plane. A part of jetlag is getting your mind to embrace the new zone.
2. Drink wine with the main meal. This has a soporific effect.
3. Invest in a good facemask that cuts out 100% of the light, and experiment to find the best earplugs for the shape of your ears.
4. Every time you are offered water by the steward, accept. Hydration is v important.
5. Some people can sleep anywhere, even in a sitting upright position. If you can’t, discipline yourself to ‘rest with your eyes closed’, for lengthy periods of time. It is scientifically proven that napping is the next best thing to sleeping.
6. Whenever possible fly in the A380 Dreamliner, the quietest and most comfortable plane on the planet (well, off the planet & in the air for long periods of time..)
7. Pray, trust God. It is the answer to everything.

I am taking these 2 days  Thurs/Fri Bamberg/Tharandt to allow my body clock to adjust to  any negative effects of jetlag. The weather is cold but not bitterly so. Winter is wiedersehen goneberger. Some trees are in bud, there is a residue of snow on the ground. The minus temperatures of last week have succumbed to the positive this week. The expectation of Spring is concealed behind a number of smug looking trees about to burst forth into song. Winter lies pinned to the ground, legs and arms flailing in the death throes of defeat. I wave goodbye. And embrace a new warmer day.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 Tharandt, Germany”

  1. I have another tip, fill your device (whatever that might be) with good Christian music so at least if you can’t sleep, you can spend some quality time worshiping God and maybe napping, praying etc. Maria >


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