Day 2 Bamberg, Germany

IMG_4942A longish (21hr) travel day: 5am shuttle to Dubai Airport, the driver an apprentice for Monte Carlo or else high on speed. 3hrs of the usual airport kerfuffle (love that word). 8hr flight to Frankfurt on the amazing Dreamliner (2 free seats on the flight, yes you guessed it, next to me). More kerfuffle (more like the stern German kerfaufel) then 3hr drive to Bamberg, some on the autobahn where I’m cruising at 140kph but passed by cars at 200kph. Now at the Arkaden Hotel Bamberg, an old Carmelite Monastery. My body clock is in meltdown.  The ‘plan’ is to nap for 10mins then go to bed at a ‘normal’ time. Hmm.. simply fall asleep and now wide awake in the middle of the night (Germany) or middle of the day (NZ).. grrr. You would think this seasoned traveller would be wiser.

Highlight of the day. At Dubai Airport amazingly there is my fav Costa Coffee. Am served by an African man with a gentle nature and a pleasant smile. As I sit down to drink, the Lord gives me ‘a Word’ for him. I think ‘That can’t be you Lord, surely?’ ie. the usual response of the flesh/carnal nature. But after much self-debate, decide Jonah-like to deliver the message. His face lights up in wonder. I feel unburdened/relieved/rewarded, and again reminded that the Lord can use us/direct us when we are travelling, which is one of the joys of being on the road (again). Willie Nelson would be proud.

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