Day 1 Dubai

IMG_4908The days leading up to departure are often hectic, so its with some solace I breathe deeply and sit in the Departure Lounge (sounds final) at Auckland Airport. Only, within minutes I am surrounded by a French high school girls group, all giggling and hype. French is such a wonderful language so this was no trial at all, in fact quite delightful, refreshing even. Moments/observations such as these are like being ‘surprised by joy’ to quote the CS Lewis book.

The flight to Dubai is 17hrs but I am flying on the largest, quietest and most advanced airliner in the world, the Airbus A380 with a seating capacity of 853. It takes several days to walk from the front to the back where I am seated, but I have all the time in the world, and no squalling kids in tow. (I remember those days, actually they weren’t that bad..) The plane is full except for one seat.. next to me (there is a God in heaven..) Last overseas flight I sat next to a gangly young man who insisted on fidgeting and bumping me every few minutes to give me opportunity to practice the 4th fruit of the Holy Spirit. Keeping a godly attitude was a challenge. This time I can spread out and sleep well. (The word ‘sleep’ is an approximation.)

Early morning Dubai is smoggy. I am deposited at a cheapish hotel on the cheaper side of town and discover my suitcase has been soaked, left out in the rain (sounds like a song). I festoon the hotel room with damp clothes and try and resist the temptation of a second free breakfast in the hotel restaurant (the first was on the plane). The smell of fried bacon and fresh coffee is too great for me and I quickly find myself eating more than I should from the buffet, before I can summon the willpower to resist. Isnt that how temptation works? Give in now, pay with flab later.

I signed up for the ‘Spectacular Architecture of Dubai’ Tour in NZ, but got landed with the ‘Old Dubai’ tour. Pics on Facebook. An interesting afternoon but the drone of the Latvian tour guide with ‘101 historical facts about Dubai you really wanted to know’ soon got to me and I found myself wandering off into other worlds, other spaces with my camera. Story of my life. Fly to Frankfurt early in the morning, provided I don’t sleep in.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 Dubai”

  1. glad to hear you made it safely to Dubai. It’s also lovely when you get a free seat beside you. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who accidentally bump the person next to me often, though I try to be conscious of the person sitting next to me lol. I usually end up almost on top of Joe in an attempt to try avoid bumping the person next to me, lol. Not cool that your suitcase was soaked though. :(. Maria >


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