Day 71 Vilnius


Day 71-72 Sun/Mon June 12th-13th Vlinius Lithuania.  My guitar threw a hissy fit in Lith so had to seek out a guitar repairman Mon in Vilnius (vil-nus). My Ovation has been a faithful friend for 38yrs and has served me with an impeccable attitude all this time, so I can’t complain really. The repair to the electronics was made and we sailed off into the sunset.. well not quite, but you know the drift. Sunday morning was a small Anglican congregation meeting in an Orthodox Church in the old city. I enjoyed the ringing acoustics of this church and felt the anointing as I sang. In the afternoon I shared in an evangelistic outreach in Širvintos just north of Vilnius, with the Kaunas Choir and US evangelist Kent York.  ps. Days 69-70 were days off in Kaunas (cow-nes). I hear YWAM Latvia calling as I look into the coming week..

2 thoughts on “Day 71 Vilnius”

  1. Had a quiet giggle reading this at work. Sounds encouraging. Jesus our faithful friend, not once have i known for him to let us down. So PRAISE the LORD for a wonderful weekend in Lithuania. I love your descriptions…. and that picture is just amazing…. absolutely stunningly amazing.


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