Day 68 Kaunas


Day 68 Thurs June 9th Kaunas Lithuania.  Prison visits are always difficult. You never know how much of what you share gets through, you just have to treat it as a seed-sowing ministry. There were about 25 guys and maybe 8 staff (male & female) who sat there with the usual Eastern European granite faces.  However, the Lord gave me considerable boldness as I shared, was not nervous or intimidated at all, and by looking at the eyes I know that some were touched and softened by the message of the Cross.  In the evening shared in concert at the Baptist Church where I am staying in the upstairs lounge.

2 thoughts on “Day 68 Kaunas”

  1. Sounds like the Lord was blessing you and knew what the prisoners needed. In a way we are all prisoners to our own sin. I pray that as you keep sharing up north in the Baltic countries that you are able to share with with courage and boldness, and that many lives will be impacted by your testimony of restoration. God Bless you mightly as you walk alongside him.


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