Day 65-66 Krakow


Day 65-66 June 6/7 Krakow Poland.  Begin the long trek north now, from Rájec-Jestřebí in the Czech Republic to Lithuania, via Krakow and Warsaw. Stayed in the Smok Campground Krakow which is probably the closest I will get to a kiwi campground on this tour. Spent most of Monday driving and on Tuesday I make a conscious decision not to visit the concentration camp/s but opt to see the world famous salt mines over 100 metres below ground instead. Quite spectacular (see pic) including the largest underground chapel in the world, over 250kms of mines & tunnels, over 700yrs of history (as salt was used in food preservation before refrigeration) and a sense of another place, another time. That being said, I was relieved to see daylight and breathe fresh air after 3hrs below ground.

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