Day 58-60 Bratislava


Day 58-60 May 30/31 June 1, Bratislava Slovakia.  Drove over 1000kms from Bucharest to Bratislava over Mon/Tues with an overnight in Timisoara Romania at a boutique hotel on the outskirts of town. Looked around the old city of Bratislava Weds afternoon before a house concert in the evening. Have had a cancellation for two events in Poland, so will re-think my itinerary and head north to the smallish town of Blansko in the Czech Republic tomorrow to seek the Lord. June is a crazy busy month for me ministry-wise, travelling thru Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and back to Munich via Chemnitz and Herrnhut in Germany, so I welcome the extra time off.

5 thoughts on “Day 58-60 Bratislava”

      1. Sebby’s song has brought me to many tears this morning. It has really, really blessed me. Thank you for sharing Sebbys song with me. I have no words to express my thanks to you.

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      2. I feel like it will bless many people…. and i feel like it will comfort many women who have lost babies…. its just perfect. Absolutely perfect. The emotion conveyed and the soft melancholy voice is just perfect. Thank you for doing going out of your way to write a melody for my son. A very thoughtful gesture 🙂

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