Day 55-56 Kalipetrovo


Day 55-56 Fri/Sat May 27/28th Kalipetrovo Bulgaria. This is the poorest country in Europe and it becomes obvious when you cross the border from Romania. The roads take the word ‘pothole’ to a new level. Stayed with Aussie missionaries Roger and Gail Dine who have a long-term vision and are working with the local church, the local school and with the local gypsy community. Poverty uncovers such heart breaking stories (like children sold into prostitution). The challenges to change generational poverty are huge. Many young people desert the country in search of employment elsewhere. Corruption at government level (right thru Eastern Europe) is legendary, and the pall cast by communism is very deep, so how can a country like this be saved? Much prayer is needed. God bless those (like Roger and Gail) who give up their lives in the West to help change the lives of a few. Didn’t Jesus say:  ‘As you did it to the least of these you did it to Me..’ Matthew 25.40

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