Day 53-54 Constanta


Day 53/54 Wed/Thur May 25/26 Constanta Romania. How easily we are fooled. I am here for this week cos I saw online pics of this magnificently located church on the Black Sea. Turns out it’s not a church, it’s the shell of a Casino from a bygone era, inhabited by rats and crows! Oh my. Constanta is yet another overcrowded tourist destination with gridlocked traffic, lousy coffee, beggars and lots of hotels. I stayed 2 nites in a lovely small boutique hotel near the beach. And now for 2 nites in a cheap hotel on a main road. I am grateful for a roof over my head but in the space of a few days the best and worst assault my senses. I take lots of pics, but my card-reader malfunctions, so the uploading of pics to Facebook will have to wait. The trials of the itinerant musician.. (FWP, First World Problem..)

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