Day 51-52 Constanta


Day 51-52 Mon/Tues May 23-24th Constanta Romania.  This place is the Gold Coast of Romania, only its not gold, its on the Black Sea. This is the most eastern part of my trip so in some way is a better halfway point. On Friday I turn the car around and point back towards the west: Bulgaria, Slovakia, Poland then head north through Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia before making way back to Munich by July 4th. More observations on life in Eastern Europe:  It’s official, Europeans do not know how to make coffee (NZ has the best coffee in the world but we don’t know it..). Croatians love icecream, Bulgarians don’t. Most Europeans eat a lot of bread, and having driven through hundreds of kms of flat farmland, I know where the wheat is grown. Hungarian is officially the hardest language in the world to learn (google). I’m convinced the Border Guards are on the payroll of the BBC for the next series of Monty Python. There are packs of dogs that roam the streets of many of these cities, and they are treated as a normal part of city life. The currency of many of these countries is like Monopoly money, but the locals don’t want to change to the Euro in the fear that prices will escalate. Here are the currencies (with how many units in brackets to buy 1 Euro):  Hungary Forint (310),  Croatia Kuna (7.5), Serbia Dinar (123),  Bulgaria Lev (2),  Romania Leu (4.5),  Poland Zloty (4.5),  CzechR Koruna (27). Communism (atheism) hardens the face to emotionless granite. The Holy Spirit breaks granite, and softens the face.


3 thoughts on “Day 51-52 Constanta”

  1. Reminds me of my parents dogs…. as soon as the gate opens – they make their BIG escape and will walk and roam the streets with other dogs 😀 …. or they will squeeze through the hole in the fence and wonder the streets, and meet up with the neighbourhood dogs…. perhaps they are having dog church and talking with each other 😉


  2. Yes, totally agree with the bread eating and the homeless dogs. Every time I go back to Romania I see them 😦 there was a case last year when a little boy was killed by some in Bucharest 😦


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