Day 50 Bucharest


Day 50 Sun May 22nd Bucharest Romania.  Drove on a grey Saturday through the usual Monty Python border crossings, an assortment of small villages inhabited by the universally despised underclass of gypsies, and a close encounter with a passport thief. (She posed as an official along the border queue, asked for my passport, but scurried when I asked who she was). Sunday. I shared at the AOG morning service but felt decidedly flat as the service began. The worship team were competent but definitely on the loud end of the spectrum, so rather than pretend to be singing in Romanian I opened my notebook and starting singing scripture aloud to the music. Within moments my spirits lifted, (the Word of God is alive and active.. Hebrews 4.12) and I was all primed to deliver the message. The interpreter was a young guy, and probably the most animated of the tour. He was a class act with facial expressions and hand gestures right out of Performance 101. Monday. Did three sessions with the Christian school in the morning before heading for Constanta on the Black Sea coast in the afternoon.

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