Day 49 Bucharest


Day 49 Sat May 21st Bucharest Romania.   The righteous shall still bring forth fruit in old age. Psalm 92.14  Two years ago I was set to retire from music ministry. However, in a time of intense prayer (May 4th-24th 2014) it became clear the Lord was re-invigorating me for the mission field: The harvest is ripe, the labourers are watching TV..  In each generation the Lord prepares a harvest to be reached, but so few Christians (it seems to me) channel their time, energy or money into sharing their faith. And this is one reason we see a decline of Christianity in the West. I don’t have a full understanding of this or all the stats, but I have seen a greater intensity and passion in some of these Eastern European countries than I have in NZ. One lasting image as I depart Sofia for Bucharest..  in the foyer of the church in Sofia thousands of New Testaments for new believers and non-Christians. Wow, triple wow. I haven’t seen that level of passion for the lost in a long long time.


One thought on “Day 49 Bucharest”

  1. Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your testimony with people in Eastern Europe. I am sure God is blessing thousands of people through your honesty and your willingness to share. In turn, I pray that you will be blessed by the people that you meet on your journey!


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