Day 44-48 Sofia


Day 44 Mon May 16th, Sofia Bulgaria.  A week off here in Sofia (apart from a Thurs nite concert), to gather my thoughts and pray into the second half of the tour. Yes, this is the Halfway Point time-wise, but less than halfway distance-wise. I have really enjoyed everything so far, with very few low-points or tough/tiring days and a plethora of good days, fruitful events, amazing divine appointments, and a sense of (God’s) purpose behind everything. However, I’m mindful of the long distances yet to cover and the remaining days ahead. It is wise to be prayerful even when things are going well. Highlights?  There were wonderfully responsive audiences in Munich, Zalaszanto, Esztergom, Zagreb, Belisce, Vukovar, Podgorica, Novi Sad and Craiova. But even when audiences were not so responsive, the Lord would remind me I’m here to help soften the hearts towards Him. The worship seminars in Rijeka, Zagreb and Novi Sad were very special times. Have met and stayed with some wonderful people, prayed for many and been allowed a glimpse into the lives and hearts of those who have been touched by the Holy Spirit as I share my songs and story of redemption. What a privilege it has been. Some wonderful feedback. At least two have shared that the concert helped save them from suicide, by the grace of God. Many with tears in their eyes shake my hands afterwards or embrace me in gratitude for giving voice to their pain. So many have said: ‘Your story is my story’. And to think 2yrs ago I planned to retire from ministry.. But the Lord said:  I have work for you to do, places to visit and broken people to share your story with.. I have prepared you for such a time as this..

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