Day 43 Sofia


Day 43 Sun May 15th, Sofia Bulgaria.  The day dawns crisp with early light highlighting tall buildings. I walk these old city streets for the first time, with jacket and woolly hat (summer hasn’t arrived yet). The morning service is a large pentecostal church (400, the pic shows only part of the congregation) with two balconys, an energetic pastor, a full-on worship team and an amazing building in the heart of the city (I have the church apartment 4th floor). The evening service is an old-style pentecostal church with 70s architecture and an acoustic worship team. The Bulgarian people are somewhat reserved and with the Bulgarian Cyrillic alphabet many look at my English lyrics in the same way I look at  петдесятна, somewhat bewildered. The translation goes well but the pastors tell me Bulgarians don’t show emotion. Am reminded again why I am here. To help people get in touch with their emotions after generations of oppressive communism. The tears in the eyes afterwards tells me the Holy Spirit has softened a few hearts today.

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