Day 42 София , България


Day 42 Sat May 14th Sofia Bulgaria.  Left Craiova on a sunny Saturday morn and hit the road, one more time with feeling. Took the car ferry (pic taken from it from Romania to Bulgaria across the ubiquitous Danube (crikey, how long is this river, its everywhere..) Face the usual barrage of border guards, only in duplicate this time, once to leave Romania and once to enter Bulgaria. They see the red French number plates coming I’m sure. It alerts them so they can have some fun in their boring day, with this naive gringo from Middle Earth. I pay FIVE fees this day (2 to leave Romania and 3 to enter Bulgaria). And I quickly discover Bulgarian has its own Cyrillic Alphabet, which is a mystery to my eyes.. And so begins my entry into the country which I find the most challenging so far.. (to be continued).

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