Day 40/41 Craiova


Day 40/41 Thu/Fri May 12/13 Craiova Romania.  The concert in Craiova (cry-over) was a breath of fresh air. This city is in the southern part of Romania and quite poor. However, this group of 30 people crammed into a tiny church room, were spiritually rich. They sang wholeheartedly in broken English, they clapped & cheered, they even danced. Pastor Marcel I think is one of the most softhearted and friendly I’ve met. He led worship at the start to a CD and wept openly for most of this time. What a wonderful saint. When I got up to sing its like the level of expectation was already through the roof, so the anointing flowed easily and tears flowed as I shared.  Prayed with people afterwards. What a precious time.

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