Day 27 Vukovar


Day 27 Fri Apr 29th, Vukovar Croatia.  This city was torn apart by the Croatian War of Independence 1991-95. There are scars of that conflict everywhere. Demolished buildings, bullet holes, war machinery. The pastor says there are even more scars (bitterness, anger) on the hearts of the people. The Friday concert was held in the Lav Hotel (you might say I sang in the lav..) and my message of restoration at the foot of the Cross seemed somehow appropriate for this ragtag group of people, one of the best concerts on tour. They sang enthusiastically in English and Croatian, they clapped, they laughed, they cried, a wonderful night I won’t forget easily. And a reminder, even in the aftermath of the cataclysm of war there is still hope of restoration, as this city gets slowly back on its feet.

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