Day 22 Rijeka / Zagreb

kristina_ new01

Day 22 Sun Apr 24th Rijeka Croatia. Some of the worship team at Rijeka Baptist where I shared in a worship seminar Sat Nite, and in the Sunday morning service. Great musicians and singers, great hearts, humble, teachable, and a joy to be with.  Sunday Evening shared in Concert at Church of Good News Zagreb. Very good turnout, with 2 encores.. one from Pastor Mihal who requested Room In Your Family, and one from Angelica who asked us to sing again Safe In The Arms Of Jesus. Oh wow, such a lovely anointing, the best its been sung anywhere. People entered in and sang it as a heartfelt prayer. I think everyone loved that moment, one of the highlights of the tour so far for me. Afterwards many wanted the CD with that song on (Sanctuary), which is very nice also.

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