Day 17 Pest


Day 17 Tues April 19th, Pest.  For those who aren’t enlightened Budapest is the fusion of two cities Buda and Pest over time. I’ve been staying in central Pest, and it feels a bit like that. I believed some of the advertising hype about this city, but saw just another big dirty noisy city, like many others. I went for my usual morning walk, stepped gingerly over the vomit on the pavement, navigated the dog poop and tried to ignore the gathering 6am rush hour, which included wailing sirens. (I have never heard so many sirens in such a short space of time here.) I checked on my car to see if it had survived another night in the city  (it had by the grace of God) then made my way around the labyrinth of old-style 5 storey apartment blocks, which is the beating heart of this commercial centre. They house tens of thousands of people, plus quite a few who just sleep rough on the street, like most big cities. By the end of the day I had walked 20km+, and felt somewhat physically and emotionally depleted by the time I got back. Today I had to relocate as the church apartment was not available, but new barista friend Richie has offered acom in his pink bachelor pad close by. Yes pink, very cool in a bachelor pad sort of way. Reminds me of my student days, in the time warp of another existence.

One thought on “Day 17 Pest”

  1. Wait until you visit Berlin on your next tour…. The sirens are everywhere all day long. Depressing really. Loved reading through your old blog posts from a by gone time today.


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