Day 15 Esztergom


Day 15 Sunday 17th April Esztergom Hungary.  Got up at 5.30am and hit the road for the 3hr drive to Esztergom, NW of Budapest. There is something deeply poetic about driving as the day breaks. Would loved to have stopped to take pics or write poems but the tight schedule prevented me: 9am soundcheck, 10am service at a small Calvary Chapel  (Golgota Church). This was a lovely warm responsive worshiping group. As soon as I started sharing I noticed a woman in the back row weeping. After the service I spoke and prayed with her. Her name was Mikela and she was weeping for her 24yr old son who was in a personal wilderness, so my story touched her deeply. I gave her my CDs ‘Finding God in the Wilderness’ and Cataclysm. She was very grateful. Seems like wherever I go, my story of restoration at the foot of the Cross brings hope to people….  which is why I’m here!
In the afternoon I wandered through the historic part of town & took pics (see above & FB). In the evening had a House Concert in Tatabanya, west of Budapest.

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