Day 11 Zalaszanto

Day 11 Weds 13th April Zalaszanto.  Took in the local tourist attraction today, Sumeg Castle in all its restored glory. As I write this at dusk I hear a 700yr old bell calling me to prayers. A link with an ancient past, although prayer goes beyond time. The real highlight of the day was an email I received this morning from Paula. Here’s a story:  4yrs ago I visited Junee NSW Australia.  It was a cold winter’s night and I gave a concert in a wooden church with no heating. I wore thick jacket, scarf, woolly hat and I would have worn gloves but it makes playing guitar somewhat tricky. It was a difficult concert for me. Nothing gelled, there was no anointing, there were numerous technical hitches, minimal feedback and poor cd sales. A totally forgettable night. However, God can move in people’s lives despite the circumstances, and He certainly spoke to Paula that night. I have posted her email on Facebook. Remarkable, made my day.

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