Day 10 Zalaszanto


Day 10 Tues April 12th, Zalaszanto.  In the 70s I was a postie (postman) and established the habit of rising at 5.55am. To this day I rise early and find myself walking at dawn, wherever I am in the world. As a photographer I am greeted by many spectacular sunrises (like this one), and as a Christian it is a wonderful atmosphere to pray. I know of very few others who have the same daily routine, so my heart goes out to NZ Post in thanks, for helping me establish this lifelong habit. It has been a blessing and a godsend.
Highlights.  This week is a rest/retreat/songwriting week for me, prior to some very busy weeks that lie ahead on this 12000km journey. This coming Sunday I move to Budapest, which the on-line comments suggest is one amazing city.. looking forward to it.

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