Day 9 Zalaszanto, Hungary


Day 9 Monday April 11th, Zalaszanto Hungary.  I left the cold of Bratislava and drove south along narrow roads into Hungary, through towns and villages, somewhat run down and deserted but with a certain charm, in a post-communism sort of way. The weather warmed as I drove and lovely to see the flourish of Spring with blossom everywhere. Reached my destination mid afternoon and went for a walk thru the village of Zalaszanto, where I am staying with the Anglican Chaplain Denis Moss and his Hungarian wife Maria. Here’s a story:  I boarded with Denis in Auckland 43yrs ago, b4 I came to faith, and we haven’t seen each other since then (neither of us changed a
Reflection of the Day:  Why am I unlikely to see this statue in NZ but more likely in Europe? Because the full range of the arts (and the Christian arts in particular) have been established here over many centuries and infused into the culture.  I think this is why I find European audiences and congregations have a deeper appreciation and innate understanding of my particular art form, without me having to explain too much, which is refreshing.

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