Day 7 Bratislava

Day 7 Saturday April 9th Bratislava.  Today was a chill day, meaning a day off and also a  very cold 10deg. Went to the mall and was amazed how like a kiwi mall it was, many of the same stores. Seems like malls are bland and generic. There was nothing distinctly Slovakian about it, except maybe this chap I photographed outside the mall. Most enjoy the mall experience, but for some reason I don’t. Maybe because I have a limited income and maybe because I don’t like shopping.. I like walking and taking pics.
One final thought: The mall seems like a monument to consumerism and secular humanism to me.. but over the years I’ve learned to keep my opinions to myself, so please ignore that statement. Highlight of the day was the feedback I received from last night’s concert from Celine. It encourages me and gives me hope that I’m here for a purpose.

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