Day 5 Windischgarsten Austria

Day 5 Thurs Apr 7th Windischgarsten Austria.  Last time I drove in Europe it took me 3 weeks to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road. Fortunately this time it has only taken 3 days, so can relax a little behind the wheel. Visited this quaint village (win-dish-gar-sten) in 2013, with its manicured lawns and immaculate toy-town buildings. Staying with friends Helward & Vera Laurien who have home-schooled their children Mats, Jana & Peggy here in Austria because it is illegal in Germany.
Highlights.  The concert at church last night went well with over 60 people, including about a dozen refugees and their children. I geared what I said for them, but have no idea how much they understood or received. I made a point of shaking as many of their hands as possible afterwards. I asked one man where he was from. Afghanistan he said. It seems I am here for such a time as this, sharing the Cross with those at the Crossroads.

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