Day 4 Munich

Asamkirche Rococo Church München
Day 4 April 6th Munich.  Spent the day on foot around the inner precincts of Munich. Throngs of people, historic buildings, churches built centuries ago, tour groups, a mix of races, McDonalds, beggars, street artists, hundreds of bicycles (no one wears a helmet), crows, postcards, vapour trails, peoplepeople, cheaper food than NZ, everyone’s heard of NZ but no one knows where it is (including myself), still feel buoyed by the enthusiastic first house concert last night, still wondering what lies ahead, still a bit jetlagged.
Highlight (or lowlight) of the Day: In the subway I see a man bend down and pick up something from the ground. He shows it to me, it is a gold ring! He says it is no use to him and gives it to me. He asks for money for food. I give him money but he asks for more, so I give him more. I take the ring to the first Jewellery Shop I see, and the jeweller  laughs. You’ve been conned he said, it is worthless. Many of the beggars use this ploy to open your wallet. Lesson:  Jesus said: Watch out that no one deceives you. Matthew 24.4
Pic: Asam Church Munich, one of the many ornate churches in the city.

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