Day 2: Singapore


Mon Apr 4th. Chill day in Singapore, though chill is a misnomer. It has been so hot stayed in the hotel room in the morning, and by afternoon it was a muggy 35deg so went to the movies to stay cool. Then caught a cab to the airport.
Highlights of the day: I spoke to a middle-aged Malay woman at the hotel and about 2mins into the conversation she suddenly looked shocked & surprised. She said her hair was standing on end, and that she had seen the face of Jesus. I asked her was she a Christian and her name. She said no she was not a Christian and her name was Beth. But she was so visibly shaken she took off like a rocket.

The Prayer Team have been praying for ‘divine appointments’ and I’m sure this is the first of many. I pray that the Lord will continue to speak to her, and that He will bring other Christians across her path at this time in her life. ps. The pic above was dinner: ‘Mixed Organ Soup’, yum, let the cultural education continue.

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